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Recruitment Program
College's Recruitment Program

Consulting, Recruitment & Training

Recruitment Program
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Consulting, Recruitment & Training

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Guest Speaker’s / Mentor’s

Guest Speakers

Do you need a keynote speech, a workshop, or a private executive session? Do your students and faculty feel all excited about the excitement but do not understand a word of what the speaker says? Guest Speakers come with vast business experience or technology expertise. Not every SME is a speaker, not every speaker can articulate for a beginner. CEOs, Presidents and Executives get trained on communication as they lack the skill but have excellent practises and experiences. Rareminds understands that the bringing of the industry to the academic world has a specific purpose. From motivation to knowledge transfer, all the way to practical exposure is how the continual learning is provided to college students. Reach out if you are looking for the right speakers or lecturers.


Mentors help impart knowledge through their expertise and wisdom, to help us define and express our inner self. Mentorship isn’t just walking up to someone and asking for advice, nor is it randomly giving advise without knowing the person. Playing to our core strengths the corporate network, we have a catalogue of diverse experts who are genuinely interested to help the upcoming generations. At times, a single person may need multiple mentors and hence it’s important to map the needs of mentee and interests of the mentor. Mentors & mentees can be from across the world. Based on your profile and interests, Rareminds will give the tools to guide your mentorship.

During the mentorship you will follow a 12-month program, Set milestones together, set goals and track your progress. For more Details Enquire Now.

Guest Speaker’s / Mentor’s


Industry Insight


About the Instructor

The trainers in the program come with vast corporate experience. The trainers come in from different sectors of the industry and bring in their rich experience to share with us.