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Our Services have been focussed on corporate opportunities and Individual Needs. No more is the day where opportunities are blindly accepted. Individuals have prioritized the lives, in an order that was meant to be. The true sense of Work Life balance is being visible when the young adults choose their first jobs.

Rareminds ensures that a personal brand is created of each student in the market based on their interests, needs and abilities. The market has always been open for the right person. And everyone has the right place. Rareminds ensures that every individual who is looking out for careers has strengths and super strengths that are relevant to the role. Expressing emotions and lack of skills or abilities are not weaknesses. “Don’t be at the mercy of your emotions; use them, to enjoy them, to benefit from them and to dominate them.”

Our Process: We always start with assessments, a diagnostic non comparative assessment. This is done to ensure that no two individuals are compared but, only the role and the individual are assessed. Psychometric Tests like career interests, ability and aptitude tests and more. Reach out and understand our various models to suit you.

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