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An art a day keeps a doctor away II 5 mental health benefits of pursuing Art

Art is now a recognized treatment for mental health and wellbeing. Many researchers and scientists have published their studies with appropriate proofs that state how pursuing art decreases anxiety, depression, and other health-related issues. One of the studies talks about how people making art got their cortisol levels lowered till the time they were involved in the creative job, irrespective of how good or bad the artists were. The cortisol hormone plays an important role to help the body respond to stress. Pursing art has so far been successful in maintaining the right balance between too high and too low cortisol levels, as the extremes are equally dangerous.

There some magical benefits of pursuing Art mentioned below:

  1. Heals emotional injuries: Emotional injury is that traumatic situation where a person is constantly worried about something and has got trapped by a deep-rooted depression. People suffering from an emotional injury are often overlooked as most of them don’t reflect any symptoms, they might behave as normal as any other person but are bleeding inside. They need special care and distraction from the worries on which they spend most of their time thinking about. Art being the perfect healer keeps a person occupied, decreases the cortisol level, and releases dopamine. These brain chemicals help regulate the mood of a person.
  1. Increased understanding of oneself: Art helps us dive deep into our souls and know about the feelings, thoughts, perceptions, strengths, weaknesses, etc. that we have kept within us. A good communicator needs to first know about oneself in order to express in the best possible way. We can say that our soul and body are misaligned unless and until we don’t bridge the gaps between them and create a healthy bond between the two. So a person who pursues art naturally becomes a good communicator.
  1. Developed capacity for self-reflection: Art is also a tool to assess yourself, your ways of working and responding to situations. We all want to keep pace with this fast-evolving world and hardly get time to stop and introspect ourselves. If we continue to move ahead without self-reflection for a longer time, we lose connection with the inner growing self. We only then know the surface-level aspects but a lot more lies within.
  1. Reduce symptoms for most of the diseases: Studies have shown that patients of some deadly diseases have also been recovered when provided art therapy. Well, it will be wrong to say that only art can heal a patient completely as other medical treatments are imperative but art therapy are definitely an auxiliary when it comes to treating patients and now being practiced widely by professionals.
  1. Change in behaviors and thinking patterns: Art changes a person’s outlook and perception towards the world. Art has the capacity to lay an impact on the brain wave pattern and change our emotions drastically. It can completely dominate our nervous system and let our brain release the chemicals that over time makes us feel better, changing our behavior and thinking pattern.

Art has some life-changing benefits and I feel an art a day can definitely keep the doctor away. Thus it is highly recommended to take a pause from your mechanical life and maneuver over the creative jobs you would want to pursue and make it a habit.

Find the link below to visit a catalog of creative activities and you can start with detoxing your life today.

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22 June, 2021