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Brain Breaks Ideas for Teachers in Virtual School

Due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, schools have employed online learning for their students. This transition from teaching in classrooms to the virtual learning process has been very challenging for both the students and the teachers. Not only It is difficult to adapt to an online world, but this pandemic has also affected the teacher’s workload globally. As per the reports, around 67% of the teachers now feel stressed during work, and 70% reported that they were spending more time preparing for online classes than they usually did in a classroom setting. Such reports act as evidence that teachers are facing issues in maintaining their work-life balance. Earlier, Teachers used to get small breaks during a typical school day like lunch break, recess, class change, etc., but this is missing in the new normal online phase. As per research, periodic intervals during online schooling can help you stay focused on the allotted tasks.

Brain breaks provide the teachers with much-needed breaks from screen time, doing physical activity, and recharging themselves. In addition, brain breaks can help make this process easier and a bit less stressful. You can practice the following and see a change for yourself.

Carve out time for self-care

It can be an exercise for some while meditation and reading for others. This will help you maintain your mental health. All you need to do is carve out some time from your daily routine to prioritize these things and see the difference.

Re-connect with people

Communicating with people is vital for maintaining mental health for teachers. You can share your experiences and talk about your happy memories with your colleagues and supervisors. You can go down memory lane with your friends and relatives.

Follow your hobby

Following your passion or hobby will make you happy and relieve you of any stress. So, try to engage in a hobby that you enjoy. It can range from gardening, reading poems, dancing, singing or anything that you have always loved to do.

Take a break between lectures

You can try taking breaks between your lecture to help you focus properly. In addition, it will provide you time to relax and deal efficiently with your workload. It will give you a mental break and space from your school duties.

Draw a line between work and home

It would help if you keep boundaries between your home and school life. For example, you should have a proper schedule for school work and doubt sessions so that your work doesn’t interfere with your time.

Good sleeping habits

Quality sleep is essential for you to maintain your psychological and physical health. It not only reduces stress but will also enhance your productivity throughout the day.

Get your body moving

Create breaks for yourself to walk around or dance in the home. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins that trigger a positive feeling in the body. Doing some exercises that get the heart pumping will help in your overall well-being.

We hope that the above ideas will help you during these tough times. If you still struggle, Rareminds is here to provide you with the best-personalized counselling services to assist you in coping with your emotional and psychological concerns.

Till then,
Do your part
Practice these ideas
And feel the difference within you!!

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26 May, 2021