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Food processing industry in India AKA “sunrise business”.

The Food Processing Industry in India includes processes in which any raw agricultural, dairy, animal husbandry, meat, poultry, or fishing product is transformed through a process (involving employees, electricity, machinery, or money) in such a way that its original physical properties alter and the transformed product has commercial value and is suitable for both human and animal consumption.

It primarily entails the process of adding value to produce goods through methods such as preservation, addition of food additives, drying, and other methods, as well as the addition of time, location, and/or type utility to a commodity in order to meet the tastes/preferences of consumers with the goal of effectively preserving food substances, extending their shelf life, and improving their quality.

The Food Processing Industry is extremely important because it provides crucial links and synergies between the economy’s two pillars, agriculture and industry.

  • Employment Generation
  • Exponential rise of farmers’ income
  • Reduce malnutrition
  • Reduce food wastage
  • Boosts Trade and Earns Foreign exchange
  • Curbing Migration
  • Curbing Food Inflation
  • Crop-diversification
  • Preserves food’s nutritional quality and extends its shelf life.
  • Enhances the quality and taste of food
  • Enhances consumer choices.
  • Bifurcation of the industry and opportunities.

India’s Food Processing Situation

With stimulating growth in the food retail sector, favourable economic policies, and attractive fiscal incentives, India’s food ecosystem offers enormous investment opportunities. India has the world’s sixth largest food and grocery industry. In India, the food and grocery retail industry accounts for nearly 65 percent of the overall retail market.

The Ministry of Food Processing Industries (Mo FPI) of the Indian government is also taking all appropriate measures to raise investment in the food processing industry. As of January 13, 2021, the government had approved 37 food parks under the Mega Food Parks Scheme, 21 of which were operational and 16 of which were under construction.

Food processing plays a critical role in connecting Indian farmers with domestic and foreign consumers. The Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI) is working hard to promote investment in the food processing value chain.

Why one should choose to pursue a career in this industry?

1. Job Security: Without food, no one will live. As a result, the food industry will continue to refine food and hire specialists.

2. Diverse Environment: Since the food industry is so diverse, there are literally thousands of different opportunities for a food scientist or food technologist. You could work in the milk processing industry, the winery industry, the bakery industry, the meat processing industry, flavour production, and so on. Studying multidisciplinary topics opens up a world of possibilities.

3. Salary opportunities: A degree in food science will lead to a variety of high-paying jobs with a strong growth rate.

4.The Food: If you enjoy food, working in the restaurant industry will be a dream come true. You will be exposed to healthy food when developing and evaluating items. You’ll also have the chance to try new recipes and flavours.

5. Possibilities for travel: The majority of the food industries are international. You may be given opportunities to travel to different countries for work, training, or business expansion depending on your job.

6. Top brands and recruiters:

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2 June, 2021