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Top Six Fun and Interesting Career Options in 2021

You have finished your graduation/post-graduation and now you are looking to start your career. But, you don’t want to start your career with the usual finance, marketing, engineering and sales jobs and are looking for fun and interesting career options where work doesn’t have to be boring at all. And can be true to the saying, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

These career options are not just helpful for graduates/post-graduates but if you are unhappy with your current job and are looking to switch careers as well, then these below career options will help you give insight into making the right career decision.

Here are the top six fun and interesting career options for 2021:

Ethical Hacking as a Career

If you hack your friend’s social networking accounts for “fun” or you are good at cracking passwords, then you might want to put it to good use by doing an ethical hacking course. A lot of multinational companies hire ethical hackers to find vulnerabilities in their systems, protect their systems and networks from black hat hackers and strengthen up their cybersecurity.

With data becoming more and more important, both personal and professional, every company these days take their cybersecurity seriously and a role of an ethical hacker becomes indispensable to keep their data secure.


If you have an excellent eye for detail and can see the world differently through a camera lens, then you might be able to establish your career as a photographer successfully. There are a lot of different streams in photography such as landscape, portrait, documentary, wildlife and wedding and many more, where you can narrow down and focus on your interests and hone your skills. There is excellent scope for photography as a career, whether be it working for a company or working as a freelancer.

Personal Trainer

If you like working out, eat healthily and have a passion for fitness, then Personal Trainer as a career would be perfect for you. Personal trainers normally create diet and workout plans for their clients and provide assistance with respect to the right form, no. of sets, reps of each exercise and what exercise should be done by their client to achieve their fitness goals. A physical training certification is highly recommended, there is huge potential to increase your earnings multi-fold if you create a brand/reputation for yourself in this field.

Wedding Planner

If you have strong communication and organizational skills, then becoming a Wedding planner might just be the right career for you. As a wedding planner, you will be responsible for organizing different events at a wedding, meeting and negotiating with different vendors, arrange spaces, caterers and all other necessary aspects of a wedding. Starting out as an event coordinator for parties in hotels, resorts and building your network will help you transition into a wedding planner and is a lucrative career that not many venture into.

Career as a Cake Decorator

If you have a love of baking, while at the same time, have excellent artistic creativity and design skills, then you can pursue your career as a Cake Decorator. As a Cake decorator, you will be responsible for decorating cakes for different events like weddings, birthday parties, etc. Cake decorators normally work with large bakeries or pastry chain outlets or you can even start your own Cake decorating service and promote your business through social media, particularly visual media like Instagram or YouTube.

Spa Management

As a Spa Manager, you will be responsible for taking care of the entire operation of a health or beauty Spa. You will be managing day-to-day Spa operations, employee schedules and customer service. You also might have to be up-to-date with the industry trends in the Spa industry and should be willing to conduct training workshops for other employees working in your spa. There are a lot of standalone Spas as well as a lot of hotels and resorts that have their own branded Spas where you can get a job as a Spa Manager.

You can always reach out to us if you would like to know about more career options available.

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2 April, 2021