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Why Take an Internship & How to do an Internship report?

“The expert in anything was once a beginner”

Well! This quote is perfectly suitable to start this blog. Internships indeed give a start to your journey of being an expert in your field. They prove to be an asset when you start applying for jobs after your graduation. One gets hands-on experience of what he/she learn in college. 

Here, we have a few successful Engineering, Management and Architecture graduates who have explained how internships are helpful and how one can make the most out of them and how to get an internship report.

Internships or live projects are an opportunity to bridge the gap between industry and academia. They help you understand the industry quickly; if you feel it is exciting, you may go ahead and continue in it or else drop and look for another opportunity. Doing multiple internships will give you more scope to experiment. They also help you kill the nervousness before landing your dream job in an MNC.

One must try to analyze the different cross functions and how they come together and work for a common goal. Make the best of this opportunity, interact with as many people as possible, because everyone has some or the other thing to offer. You will be assigned a mentor, have constant interaction even if he/she is busy, try to schedule meetings and update them regarding your work and take regular feedback from them. This is a very good chance to make yourself accustomed to the corporate culture, right from scheduling a meeting to delivering presentations, make sure you grab all the opportunities.

Tushar Kamble
VJTI Mumbai 
Worked at Bharti Airtel as Project Manager
Currently pursuing MBA at Indian Institute of Management Ranchi

An internship program can allow business students to gain valuable real-world skills while making connections that will help them succeed upon graduating college. Not only will we be able to make vital connections during our internship, but also we may actually find our future employer through our internship. 

Additionally, internships can help us learn more about different roles in the business world, and it can help us determine what kind of career we want down the road. One of the more valuable reasons to participate in an internship is that this can help us develop our time management skills, one of the most vital skills any business position will require us to have.

Ameya Gabale
Indian Institute of Management Ranchi (MBA 2019-21)

Currently working at Cognizant as Senior Analyst-Strategy & Ops

When it comes to architecture specifically, there are many more things than just the subjects being taught, and which are practically impossible to learn inside a classroom. You imagine all sorts of materials, get their prices on a computer screen, but they are almost never the same on site. The price fluctuates, the colors and textures differ. Sitting in a class, you wouldn’t be able to learn what to do if the excavation work stops due to some reason or the column and beam fail due to another. All these things can only be learned on the field. 

To make the best of an internship, in my opinion, firstly, the person has to have a keen eye and observe. Nobody is going to spoon-feed you. Also, not all internships give the chance to visit the sites, especially in times like these. But they can certainly teach you a lot more. They will teach you the basics of how to approach a client, or what the next first step should be when a client approaches, how to draft a contract, etc. The next is to ask questions, even if those are silly, ask because one wouldn’t learn without them.

Nikita Misal
D.Y.Patil College of Architecture, Navi Mumbai 
Currently pursuing MBA from NICMAR

Overall, an internship is an opportunity to start your bright career. They make you tough and capable of the challenges ahead. Now quickly grab an internship and kickstart your journey to your career goal.

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10 June, 2021