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Recruitment Program
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Consulting, Recruitment & Training

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“An Expert in anything was once a beginner”.

The NEP have made it a mandate to ensure internships are part of the education system. If the education competitiveness has been modified in the decade, the internships have transformed. Gone are the days when an intern runs around with printing, and teacups. Interns are bought in to companies to reduce cost and be able to create a win-win situation.

Rareminds ensures that internships are meaningful one. Not just an opportunity to understand the corporate culture, but more importantly apply learnings in real life situations. An opportunity to network, to pave way to dream career.

If you are looking out to intern during your college days or even after whilst waiting for your full time role, reach out to us for internships in various industries.

Internship Program Features

Resume Building

Job Experience


About the Instructor

The trainers in the program come with vast corporate experience. The trainers come in from different sectors of the industry and bring in their rich experience to share with us.